Research Administration in the MENA

The Ultimate Form of Giving Back and Achieving Circularity in Human Capital

One’s career journey is usually filled with a series of learning and development opportunities. It is through those opportunities and enriching interactions that we develop both professionally and personally. If we look back at our journey, I am sure that we could all identify individuals who had a significant influence on us. Be it a manager who took the time to support us in mapping our career objectives, a role model, someone who encouraged us to pursue a dream that we never thought was possible, or simply a person who gave us unbiased advice when we needed it most, the impact that those people had on our life and our careers is simply undeniable. But in many ways, this impact does not stop there. For many of us, as we push forward in our journey, we are inspired to support others to grow and achieve their full potential in the same way we were supported when we were younger. It is through this cycle that we can achieve circularity in human capital development.

by Dr. Nada Jammoul Messaikeh

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