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Manchester MentorMe Program – University of Manchester

The Middle East Centre has introduced a regional digital mentoring platform – “Manchester MentorME”. 

Manchester MentorME is designed to complement the current services offered by the Middle East Centre’s Careers & Alumni Relations team, which include coaching individual mentors and matching them with mentees, wherever possible. Manchester MentorME will help extend and structure this process and to reach a wider community across the region with all the convenience and flexibility of digital.  

Manchester MentorME is also the Centre’s first step onto a digital mentoring platform supported by AI software and the team will review and evaluate feedback and response, as the roll-out continues and access to the platform grows.    

Mentorship is a powerful process of nurturing that has been proven to be effective in empowering and developing leaders and this platform is available to qualifying students and alumni in the Middle East (initial places are limited).  

The aim is to help achieve personal and professional goals by connecting experienced alumni mentors with aspiring students and other alumni, and provide a unique opportunity to establish mutually beneficial one-to-one mentoring relationships.  

Manchester MentorME is supported by Chronus Platform, a leading global mentoring software that ensures effective AI-based matching of mentors and mentees with seamless integration with the usual online applications and calendars. This means that both mentors and mentees can focus on what matters most – building a mutually valuable and fulfilling mentoring relationship.

The programme was developed with IMPACTIVME, a company created by the first Manchester DBA alumna in the Middle East, Nada Messaikeh, to foster impactful connections in a knowledge sharing set up, matching the potential of mentors with mentees and aiming to fuel sustainability, circularity and social impact embedded together. 

Nada is a transformational leader whose contribution spans three decades in both the public and private sectors. Her experience covers all aspects of research administration and she is a member of the Select Committee on Global Affairs at the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) and a contributing editor of the NCURA magazine. She has authored numerous articles on interdisciplinary research, mission-focused research and other related topics, and presented in various conferences. Her Manchester DBA research focused on organisational culture and the transformation in the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi. She currently serves as an adjunct faculty at Alliance Manchester Business School. Nada’s passion for helping others achieve their full potential led her to design, implement, and be involved in various mentorship programs including UN women, LAU, and INTERSECTION with Injaz Lebanon. 

The Manchester MentorME programme will provide a unique opportunity to build meaningful connections and foster personal and professional growth within the Middle East community.