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COP28 Youth Talks: Impact-Driven Workshop Inspires Young Changemakers in Al Bateen School

Al Bateen Academy School recently hosted an inspiring workshop for its fifth and sixth-grade students, aimed at nurturing their awareness and understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (#SDG2030) and the significance of COP28 UAE. Impactiv designed and meticulously delivered a 90-min workshop for those young minds. The primary objective of the workshop was to convey a crucial message to these young minds: that every individual plays a vital role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives of COP28.  

Additionally, the workshop emphasized the importance of supporting underserved communities in their pursuit of a sustainable planet and a better life for all. The message was clear: support can manifest in various forms, including sharing one’s passions with others and dedicating time to those in need.

A poignant moment during the workshop was when Dr. Nada Messaikeh, and Dr. Maya Rmeity, co-founders of impactiv, shared a heartwarming story of Yasmine, who, alongside a friend, decided to share their passion for dance with young girls living in the Shatila camp in Lebanon. A video showcasing the girls confidently performing the dance moves they had learned, their radiant smiles amidst the camp’s backdrop, moved the students deeply. This story served as an inspiration, igniting a spark within the young learners.

As the workshop neared its conclusion, the students were asked to come up with small projects and initiatives in their respective groups. The level of enthusiasm and the well-thought-out ideas they presented astonished the organizers and reinforced the impact of the three-minute video on their motivation.

Perhaps the most touching moment came when, during break time, one student requested to watch the video again. To the amazement of all present, every single student chose to stay, their eyes glued to the screen. When the video ended, tears welled up in the eyes of some students. This moment carried profound significance, demonstrating the transformative power of engaging with ten-year-olds.

Impactiv is always committed to always engage in workshops that inspire students to take action on Sustainable Development Goals, fostering a generation that cares for our planet.

About Al Bateen Academy School (Aldar Academies):

Al Bateen Academy School is a leading institution under the prestigious Aldar Academies network. It is dedicated to providing quality education that fosters academic excellence and empowers students to make a positive impact on society and the environment. The school is committed to nurturing responsible global citizens who contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (#SDG2030) and create a sustainable future for all.